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St. Louis’ Top Source for Business and Financial Advice

Top Money Managers is St. Louis’ trusted, community-based resource for business and financial advice. Each week, our 30-minute TV program features St. Louis financial executives, covering the topics St. Louis needs to know about, including risk management, building a retirement income plan, the local business climate, managing debt, investing and wealth protection.

Our weekly guests from around the Greater St. Louis Metro Area are executives, who have made signficant achievements in their fields, and Top Money Managers brings their vital financial advice into St. Louis homes every Sunday. Their trusted financial advice is more important than ever in the current economic climate. The uncertainty in the world economy will continue for many more years as the No.1 news topic and the top concern for most Americans.

Top Money Managers fills the need for trusted, financial-advice journalism with St. Louis’ top business and financial advisors. Our program is must-see TV for pre-retirees and retirees who are concerned about the economy and interested in money management tools or advice.

Top Money Managers helping our community make informed financial decisions